The estate

Il Tagliato, run and certified following strict organic guidelines, is situated in the heart of the Chianti Classico region in Tuscany. With some 63 hectares surrounded by gentle hills, small vineyards and delicate woodland, the property offers stunning views and absolute tranquility. It is a truly fascinating and unique place located close to Ruffoli at an altitude of 550 meters, with particular qualities such as a microclimate that governs the entire year. Two hectares are now cultivated as vineyards and olive trees are growing on another two hectares. The nearby woodland primarily consists of oak and chestnut.

In 2010 and 2011 the ancient terraces with the characteristic dry stone walls were restored. On the recreated terraces we planted in a first phase some 275 2 year old olive trees in autumn 2010. Sangiovese and the autochthonous variety Foglia Tonda were subsequently planted on the terraces creating a new vineyard. A second olive orchard with some 200 trees was partially replanted in 2017. Excavation material from our new cellar was used to smoothen the steepness and recreate gentle terraces. At an altitude of more than 600 m we chose to plant somewhat more cold resistant varieties such as leccio del corno, maurino and leccino.